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Vip Signals for cryptocurrencies

Why Our Signs Are The Best ?

We are the only ones that work with big investors the famous "whales" that move the crypto market We inform the signals in our VIP group on Telegram 24 hours a day in real time

What are the benefits of being a Premium member

We are experts in Bitcoin Future we work with leverage from 20x to 50x every day, bringing profits that can exceed 100% in a single trader

Is this real?

Every day We send free signals to our community of over 13k members to demonstrate our work

75% Stay with us

90% of traders lose in this industry but 75%+ of our members stay with us after their first month!

How it works?

Our team of traders sends entries of the best currency pairs with entry and target to be hit,See the example in the images below.

Last Week Result

Join our massive team and start banking today!

Our plans are accessible, recover in no time with our signals.


Per month

  • - High Quality Signs
  • - Daily 1-5 Signs
  • - Profit is Guarantied
  • - Advanced Analysis To Give Signs


3 month

  • - High Quality Signs
  • - Daily 1-5 Signs
  • - Profit is Guarantied
  • - Advanced Analysis To Give Signs


1 year

  • - High Quality Signs
  • - Daily 5-10 Signs
  • - Profit is Guarantied
  • Binance-Bittrex
  • Personalised Advice
  • Analysis Course

Exchanges that we work


Our clients say

My Cryptosignals experience has been the… My Cryptosignals experience has been the greatest since I started crypto trading. Their signals are well analysed and I bet anyone willing to use Cryptosignals will enjoy profits. No regrets 👏.
Lane T.
Cryptosignals is my favourite signals provider! I have been using Cryptosignals for the last 9 months and its been a great journey, total I have now down 70% ROI on my total portfolio which is amazing! Thanks guys customer for life!! 👌🏽
Kelly Nolan
Swing Trader
Best signals ever! Was asked to leave this review, love the group so far, good support and signals. As a developer i am going to start automating the signals for binance futures as they look really good, not unusal for the signal to reach 100-150%+!!👊🏻👊🏻
Jon Marvilla
Day trader
Best channel telegram Best channel telegram, honest and trust, Any support for any problem Brtrader aswer, I don't see where is the doubts, recommend this channels is best, and you get all proof befor taking any offer 😉
Tomas Tempest

Frequently asked questions

Yes it is a dangerous place online. But you can trust us! We put our trading reports on the results page so you can check each trade.

This depends on several factors. What will your starting balance be? Will you re-invest all of your profit, or will you take some out to enjoy it? How is the market moving now?
There are lots of different answers to this question.

Currently we offer signals for BINANCE, BITMEX,KUCOIN , HOUBI PRO We will soon add Forex Signals also

It is always vital to have a stop loss in place.

Remember, you are responsible for your own trading decisions. We advice to only put few procent off your balance in a trade.

Off course, we send the signals throug Telegram. So you can get the signals on your smartphone also. We have members from 23 countries so far 😉

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